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Commercial Towers is located in Monroe, North Carolina near Charlotte.  We build our boat tee tops, boat towers, leaning rails and all of our aluminum and chrome boating products with aesthetics and quality in mind. Nobody does what we do anywhere along the east coast of The United States.

Our customer base is made of boat dealers as well as boat owners who want custom work done.  Our towers are extremely well built with tolerances down to the thousandth of an inch.  You give us plans for your boat and when we ship you our t-top, it will fit like a glove.  We give most of our dealers a 2-day turn around on most towers.

Delivery and installation to your location is available.  We deliver our boats considering the cost of gasoline, so distances are handled well.  See our delivery area here..


Commercial Towers Provides These Products

  1. Boat T-Tops
  2. Wake Board Towers
  3. Radar Arches
  4. Hard Tops
  5. Bimini Tops
  6. Boat Canvases
  7. 3 Piece Enclosures
  8. Gull Wings
  9. Leaning Posts
  10. Custom Rod Racks
  11. Poling Platforms
  12. Fiberglass Radio Boxes
  13. Aluminum Welding


We now offer Full Factory certified service & electronics

* Full service on outboards and inboards

    Water pumps          Trailer repairs
    Tune-ups                Trim Tabs
    Engine Overhauls   Oil Changes
    Carb Rebuilds         Lower Unit Service
    Winterizing              Underwater LED Lights
    Fuel Service            Electrical Service

* Choose from our extensive electronic packages fully rigged on your new top.

* We now sell & install all of the most popular brands of electronics:

    Ray Marine           Eagle
    Lowrance              Pro Mariner Chargers
    Icom                      Standard Horizon
    Shakespeare        Garmin
    Humming Bird

Commercial Towers Has Customers In These Areas:

  1. North Carolina
  2. Charlotte, North Carolina
  3. Raleigh, North Carolina
  4. South Carolina
  5. Columbia, South Carolina
  6. Charleston, South Carolina
  7. Virginia
  8. Richmond, Virginia
  9. Maryland
  10. Georgia
  11. Atlanta, Georgia
  12. Florida
  13. Miami, Florida

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Commercial Boat Towers

Address: 2253 Waterfront Road, Liberty Hill, SC 29074
Phone: 704-608-8571
Fax: 704-776-4817
E-Mail: commercial.tllc@gmail.com