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Jason LaVey 5-9-2012


sam may 8 2012 020


After doing a lot of research of both local shops in my area and on the internet, I was impressed by the look of the tops on Commercial Towers site and shot an e-mail to the owner, Michael Kinard. After some preliminary conversations, I sent him a cardboard template of the console and took some additional measurements and after a few weeks of me impatiently waiting, a gorgeous t-top with all the bells and whistles shows up and it fits like a glove. I could not even slide a piece of paper between the sections that bolted to the console. I purchased the deluxe top with the electronics box (future site of vhf and Fusion stereo etc.) and added 2 LED spreader lights, 3 LED rigging lights including one in bottom of e-box since I fish at night quite often, and a 3-sided canvas enclosure and several other goodies like a nav light and life preserver net came with the package. It's just beautiful, well priced and he even delivered to my area. All in all I could not be happier or give a better recommendation of his work and customer service. You have one happy customer and next up is the leaning post!



sam may 8 2012 021


Thanks again, Jason LaVey

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I'm in love. Thank you for such a beautiful addition to my boat. It is really great.   I will get you better imaghes for your sight. Let's talk soon

Darin kaye
Rothco, Inc.



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